Motive was born in the year 2000, a world leading company in the automatic entry systems field, with the aim of transferring its 35 years-old technological know-how into the industrial electric motors and reducers market. Before that motive was born, we conduced an ad hoc market survey in order to build our ground-up customer-driven organization on the basis of the results.

motive is organized on the basis of the above considerations, with the aim of providing optimum value in all processes involved in safety, reliability, and deliveries.

Indomitra Prima Lestari menyediakan berbagai motor dengan brand Motive:

  • DELPHI three-phase motors 56-132
  • DELPHI three-phase motors 160-355
  • DELPHI AT self-braking motors
  • DELFIRE three-phase motors
  • MONO single phase motors
  • MONO single phase motors

General Catalogue
DELPHI three-phase electric motors
MONO single phase motors

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